If there are children or vulnerable adults in your family, you’ll be all too aware of the horrifying dangers posed by scalding.

The effects of skin coming into contact with boiling water from taps and showers – even for just a second – are truly frightening.

Figures show that around 40,000 children are rushed to A&E with scalding- related injuries every year – with many of those ending up in burns units and plastic surgery departments.

But were you aware that 90% of these life-changing accidents are completely avoidable – and that there’s a quick and easy solution for preventing them?

Why not ask us here at MT Heating about fitting thermostatic mixing valves (TMVs) in your home? These are a protective device which limit the temperature of hot water in baths and have been a legal requirement for all new domestic properties in England and Wales since 2010.

To raise awareness of scalding dangers, a new campaign was launched this month called ‘Hot Water Burns Like Fire’. It features a striking image of a child about to retrieve a toy from a scalding hot bath – an all too common cause of this type of injury.

The aim is to limit water temperatures in all homes to 48°C by using simple and inexpensive thermostats. Remember, it only takes just ONE SECOND to get a deep burn when water temperature is at 70°C.

Drop us a line for free information on how to keep your family safe this winter. We’ll be happy to help.

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