2017 is going to be an interesting year for business and consumers with Brexit negotiations about to begin in Brussels and a controversial new American president now sworn in.

So with all the doubts and fears surrounding our economic prospects in the months ahead it’s probably not the best time to be thinking about keeping those New Year resolutions. In truth, most of us have probably abandoned the ones we started already!

But it’s worth remembering that improving your life in the coming year doesn’t necessarily have to involve cutting back on the booze or starting the latest fad diet.
In the Taylor household, for instance, we’ve committed to a far more practical goal – creating a more energy-efficient home.

We can all make a huge difference to our gas and electricity bills by making small changes to everyday household behaviour.

For instance, I’ve been studying comparative websites for a cheaper utility supplier, Matt’s been up in the loft to check that our insulation is up to scratch and our central heating system has had a good service (yes, there are distinct advantages to being married to a professional, time-served heating engineer!).

If you want to do the same, there are lots of ways that MTHC can help you save between 5% – 30% on your energy bill.

Our engineers will happily visit your home and carry out a professional energy audit at no cost to you. And, because we pride ourselves on having the highest ethical standards, we guarantee to only recommend the work we believe will help you to reduce your carbon footprint – as well as your fuel bills.

Next to mortgage payments, utility costs probably represent your largest, monthly, household expense. So as energy prices continue to rise, you owe it to yourself to make sure that this is one New Year resolution that you won’t let slip.

Cathy Taylor

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